Service Times

Sunday Morning - 10 AM Sunday Night - 6 PM Wednesday Night - 7 PM


Here at New Life Tabernacle, ministry is a team effort! We have several different teams, all under the umbrella of Pastor Bunner and coordinated by Sis. Jan, Church Administrator. Our Music Team is led by Mary Records, Sunday School by Sis. Jan, Toni LeBlanc heads up our Ladies' Ministry, and finally Arthur LeBlanc is our Home Bible Studies Team Leader.

Part of Our Purpose is to establish every member in a ministry. God has given each of us talents and gifts to use for His Kingdom! We want you to be a part of our team, involved in ministry at New Life Tabernacle!


Pastoral Ministry is all encompassing - From leading the leaders in our congregation in their respective Ministries to being shepherd to the entire flock. My goal as pastor is casting vision, teaching, preaching and counseling. Pastoral Ministry is not a one man show. It's each individual team moving forward as one unit to fulfill the will of God. The office of Pastor is similar to being a CEO, except my BOSS is out of this WORLD.

Sunday School

Everybody ought to go to Sunday School, to Sunday School, to Sunday School The men and the women and the boys and the girls Everybody ought to go to Sunday School.

I know it's an old song, but statistics show that more people attend church at 10 AM on Sunday morning than at any other time of the week. So at New Life we want to see things happening at 10 AM on Sunday morning!

Kids' Church is an exciting place for children ages 4 to 11! Led by Penny Hatcher and Donna Lucore the children learn about God's Word through games, action, hands-on activities and more! There's always something new going on in Kids' Church. Everyone else meets in the sanctuary. As our purpose states, we are a "church that

is founded on God's Word." Sunday mornings at 10 AM are dedicated to teaching God's Word in a way applies it to the life of each individual.

Get to know God at your level.

Try it...we think you will like it!


Our ladies meetings are known as S.T.I.C., which stands for Sisters Together In Christ, where women can come together the second Thursday of each month for fellowship. It’s a time where women can come together without husband or kids and be ministered to by Godly speakers, prayer, or sharing God’s Word. It’s also a time to get together and enjoy entertainment such as games, crawfish boils, and dining out. We also enjoy coming together to pray and/or make goodie baskets for different ones in our community such as our policemen, firefighters, teachers, etc., to let them know how much they are appreciated.

S.T.I.C. meetings are not for New Life Tabernacle members only. We want to invite any woman in need of fellowship to come and be blessed!

home Bible studies

John 8:32 - And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (KJV)

At New Life Tabernacle we have a strong commitment to teaching the Word of God. Arthur LeBlanc loves to come into a person's home and teach in a casual setting. It's a little hard to raise your hand and ask a question during the preaching on Sunday night. But in a Home Bible Study setting you can ask questions and receive a clearer understanding of God's Word.

We have several people in the congregation who are well qualified to teach Bible Studies. We also have several different types of Bible Studies. One of our favorites is called Search For Truth. It is accompanied by a chart, with illustrations to help you understand the Bible more clearly. In approximately 13 lessons we cover an overview from Genesis to Revelation. There are shorter studies available that teach only the basics of salvation.

No matter which lesson you choose, we do our very best to teach God's Word - not church doctrine, not man's opinion. If you are interested in a more in depth study of Scripture, contact Arthur LeBlanc at 385-2224. He would love to share with you the Truth of God's Word.